Inspired by Kindness ...

It began with a wish to turn our love for animals and passion for good food into inspired vegetarian dining, kind to the body, mind and spirit.

Love Food, Respect Life ...

Our food mantra is simple and encompasses our holistic approach to loving, living and eating, as inspired by our spiritual guide and our mother organisation.

A Recipe for Success ...

Our doors opened in 2009, serving traditional favourites and innovative twists on Chinese, Tibetan and Nepali cuisines to loyal diners and discerning foodies in Jaya One.

Thus Began a Conscious
Dining Revolution

Five years on, we continue serving up guilt-free dining for all occasions, with exceptional service and ambiance. Experience why we are still the leader for contemporary vegetarian dining in the Klang Valley.

We are closed on the 8th of December 2019 for a private dinner.